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Malmar is also a valued partner in the compressor industry. Compressors are often mounted on on a chassis that requires sheet metal parts for solidity and rigidity. Malmar can deliver these parts very quickly. One example are lifting beams. Other parts include all possible kinds of brackets and supports (such as for air filters). Simple, strong and cheap.

CASE: As a long-time supplier for the compressor industry, we have been contacted one day and asked to do an urgent part delivery: 4 pieces of a very thick support. At that time, Malmar didn’t even manufacture this part. The original supplier was not able to deliver the parts in time, meaning that the customer’s production line was facing an immanent disruption.

MALMAR’S PROPOSAL: Malmar’s team tackled the issue immediately by analyzing the drawings and starting up production. Even though we needed to outsource the milling at that time, Malmar was able to supply this customer with the 4 pieces they needed.

RESULT: The customer was unbelievably happy about Malmar’s professionalism and flexibility in supplying 4 pieces of a part that wasn’t even in Malmar’s regular production portfolio. Great service, even for small batches, that is the Malmar way.

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