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The crane and lifting machinery industry needs reliable and solid suppliers such as Malmar. We supply all kinds of consoles, brackets and supports, as well as critical parts such as link plates. The part looks rather regular but in fact requires a very specific and precise production process.

CASE: Malmar was asked to become supplier for one of the most critical parts in a lifting device for a crane: the link plate. The link plate allows the crane to move like a human arm while lifting many tons. This customer was looking for an affordable, flexible and reliable supplier.

MALMAR’S PROPOSAL: By analyzing the technical requirements of the parts and discussions between the engineering teams and quality teams, Malmar found a way to produce high-quality link plates. Malmar was expected to deliver small batches, in the right quality at a competitive price (compared to the previous suppliers). It really helped that Malmar now has an in-house milling center from Mazak.

RESULT: Malmar was able to create added value for both the customer and ourselves. A clever mindset and a focus on results, that is the Malmar way.

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