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In recent years, Malmar has successfully developed this market portfolio, supplying customers with cheap solutions. The small runs, excellent quality and our ability to perform most operations in-house (including milling), make Malmar the perfect partner for critical parts. This market furthermore includes brackets and supports for insulation post-assembly, rubbers,... Malmar is also able to produce lighting groups that will be fully tested before shipment.

CASE: Our main customer for the off-road business was looking for a qualitative lightning group solution that also needed to be cheap, compared to alternative Chinese solutions.

MALMAR’S PROPOSAL: Malmar has been invited to offer a full package of different lamps combined with sheet metal subparts. Moreover we have been offering a full solution for all lightning groups the customers was looking for at a really cheap conditions, thanks to the Malmar inhouse milling,  painting, assembly and final testing of the lamps. Parts also can be delivered in small quantities

RESULT: Solid, qualitative and cheap solution thanks to Malmar engineering has lead to attracting a new business of full assembly and testing of lamps. Customer is happy he doesn't have a long lead-time compared to China, but also customer even has a better price-setting compared to potential Chinese suppliers! Quality, inventive engineering and good price-setting has been the key for success!

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